The Computer and Calculation Center (CIC) was created by the September 1988 decree N°67/MENRS to give support to logistic and computer science to the faculties and administration of Université du Bénin, now known as Université de Lomé, in establishing software programs, for this reason the CIC creates software applications for institutions and the university community and offers a framework for computer training at Université du Bénin.

From 1990, the Inter-African Center of Training in Maintenance of Micro-computer Hardware – CAFMICRO, whose goal is to give POST-DUT training to higher technicians in computer maintenance, is opened. In 1995, a DUT branch in computer to train higher technicians in computer has been created.

The Computer and Calculation Center currently has two main divisions

  • The division of computer system in assuring the computerization, maintenance and connectivity in the Université de Lomé
  • The teaching division with training in Bachelor and Master Degrees in software engineering system and networks.

The administrative structures of the CIC are:

  • The assembly of the Institute ;
  • The Direction ;
  • Units
  • Examination Service ;
  • Scientific and Pedagogic Commission (CSP) ;
  • Pedagogic Information Unit (CIP) ;
  • Budget Commission
  • Quality Insurance

The Computer and Calculation Center offers today two (2) bachelor courses:

  • Professional degree in software engineering
  • Professional degree in Maintenance and Computer Networks

In partnership with the Université de technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) in France, it is opened in co-diploma an Information Master with two fields:

  • Software engineering field
  • Systems and Networks field

Beside these two main trainings, the Computer and Calculation Center trains in CCNA certificate. Trainings are either given to a group of staff of a company, an association of many companies, or a continuous training to students. A certificate is issued at the end of each training, but the trained can have access to the site of certification for one month for a SISCO certification.  


Software Engineering Field :

  • Masters in Computer science: advanced web services, software architecture, data base management.
  • Companies working in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) and banks.

Maintenance and Computer Networks Field :

  • Masters in Computer science: network security; administration network, telecommunication, etc.
  • Companies working in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) and banks.


Software Engineering Field :

Engineering post in utility companies or counsel in computer engineering, in department of research and development in big public or private companies, from operators of telecommunication, or in SMEs and SMIs in computer science, banks, insurance cabinets, consultants, etc.

Maintenance and Computer Networks Field:

The main outlets are located in utility companies, hardware constructors, design companies of distributed applications, of architectures and networks.  Post of information systems or infrastructures leaders, consultants, etc.

Ø  Development Unit, led by Mr. Anani Atadegnon

The « DEVELOPPEMENT » Unit is in charge of computer studies necessary to the computerization of different entities of the Université de Lomé, of the designing and development of hardware and of the maintenance of developed software.

Ø  Maintenance Unit led by Dr. Kossi Tepe

The «COMPUTER MAINTENANCE» is in charge of the maintenance of the hardware at the Université de Lomé ; the implementation of joining programs of micro-computers initiated by the CIC, in the realization of different studies necessary to the computerization of all the entities of the Université de lomé in partnership with the other divisions.

Ø  The information System Unit led by Mrs. Dopé Afiwa Dogbe-Semanou

The  «INFORMATION SYSTEM» Unit is in charge of the study, the designing, the implementation of the management of the global information system of the Université de Lomé. It will be based on the structure of the internet node of Université de Lomé to fulfill its mission.

Director: Kossi Atchonouglo, Associate Professor/ Email:

Deputy Director: TchamyeTcha-Esso Boroze, Assistant Professor/ Email:

Administrative Secretary: Mrs. Dédévi Sassou/ Email:

Pedagogic Secretary: Mr. Badamessim Adewui/ Email:

The CIC has partnerships with:

  • The University world (Défitech-TOGO, the African Computer Institute), the Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard of France) ;
  • The professional world (Togocel, Togotélécom).

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Tel (00228) 22 25 33 29

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