Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science (FS) has been created in 1970 under decree N° 70- 157/PR of September, 14th under the name “School of Sciences”. In 1988, it has been transformed into the Faculty of Sciences under the decree N° 88- 162/ PR of September, 29th.  

The Faculty of Sciences (FS) of the University aims at:

  • training the youths in the fields of mathematical and computer Sciences, Sciences of the matter (Physics and chemistry), life Sciences (Animal biology and physiology (ABP)), Plant biology and physiology (PBP), Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences;
  • creating forces of proposals on the issues, challenges and perspectives of  Sciences and Technology in Togo;
  • supporting socio-economic development planning of the country through research activities;
  • promoting the national expertise in sciences and technology;
  • developing national and international partnerships with public organizations, industries, research institutions and centres and non-governmental organizations.

The Faculty comprises eight (8) departments:

  • department of  Biochemistry
  • department of Botany
  • department of Chemistry
  • department of Geology
  • department of Mathematics
  • department of Animal Physiology
  • department of Physics
  • department of Zoology and Animal Biology

The administrative organs of the Faculty of Sciences are:

  • the Faculty Meeting;
  • the Faculty Council;
  • the Deanship;
  • the college of Heads of departments (8);
  • the department in charge of Exams;
  • Scientific and Pedagogic Committee (SPC);
  • Pedagogic Information Committee (PIC);
  • Budget Committee;
  • Internal quality Committee.

The Faculty of Sciences comes under the domain Sciences and Techniques. Studies available at the bachelor level are the following:

  1.           Bachelor of ST, Major: Mathematics
  2.           Bachelor of ST, Major: Sciences of the Matter, Speciality: Physics
  3.           Bachelor of ST, Major: Sciences of the Matter, Speciality: Chemistry
  4.           Bachelor of ST, Major:  Life Sciences, Speciality: Animal Biology and Physiology
  5.           Bachelor of ST, Major: Life Sciences, Speciality: Plant Biology and Physiology
  6.           Bachelor of ST, Major: Earth Sciences, Speciality: Geosciences

The Faculty has also a Master’s and Doctoral programs.

The training leads to the following competences and job opportunities:

-          Speciality:  Mathematics

Aptitudes aimed for: use mathematical and technical methods; use computer tool for the implementation of numerical methods.

Job opportunities:     teaching, training in research.

-          Speciality:  Physics

Aptitudes aimed for:   master classical models of physical phenomena; apply the scientific approach of the physicist; continue in a Masters of Research.

Job opportunities: teaching, Master’s.

-          Speciality: Chemistry

Aptitudes aimed for:  conduct an experimental approach in chemistry; have the capacity to follow a Master Program in Chemistry or other fields

Job opportunities:   Master’s, teaching.

Speciality: Animal Biology and Physiology

Aptitudes aimed for:  conduct an experimental approach in Animal Biology and Physiology; acquire technological and scientific knowledge which allow mobility to biology, ecology and Animal Physiology.

Job opportunities: Master, teaching.

Speciality: Plant Biology and Physiology

Aptitudes aimed for:  conduct an experimental approach in plant biology and physiology; acquire technological and scientific knowledge which will allow mobility to research in biology, ecology and plant physiology.

Job opportunities: Master’s, teaching.

Speciality: Geosciences

Aptitudes aimed for:  understand internal and external geologic processes; master and use tools of geologic analysis; acquire scientific knowledge and techniques which qualify to study in Master’s (Earth and universe sciences).

Job opportunities: Master’s, teaching.

The team at the Deanship

Heads of the Departments

  • Biochemistry: Mr. Kwami Lumo Awaga, Senior Lecturer.
  • Botany: Professor Kudzo Atsu Guelly
  • Chemistry: Mr. Pakoupati Boyode, Associate Professor.
  • Geology: Mr. Kodjo Adika Togbe, Associate Professor
  • Mathematics:  Mr. Djibibe Moussa Zakari, Associate Professor
  • Animal Physiology: Professor Kwashie Eklu-Gadegbeku
  • Physics: Mr. Damgou Mani Kongnine, Senior Lecturer
  • Zoology and Animal Biology: Professor Komina Amevoin
  • Exams Coordinator: Mr. Bawoubadi Edem Sabi, Senior Lecturer
  • Responsible of Internal quality Committee: Mrs. Abla Déla Mondeedji, Senior Lecturer.

The Faculty of Sciences is in partnership with:

  • Universities (Défitec-Togo, Faculty of Sciences at the University of Namur, Belgium).
  • The business world (Professional Association of Togolese Extractive Industries (PATEI)); Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research (TIAR)

01 B.P. 1515, Lomé 01-Togo.

Tel (+ 228) 22 25 50 94 / 22 25 08 77

Email: decanat@univ-lome.tg

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