Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences


On September 14, 1970, the Ecole des Lettres (Higher Institute of Arts) was created by Decree No. 70-157 / PR. This Institute was turned into a Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) (FLESH) by Decree No. 88-162 / PR of September 29, 1988. Decrees N ° 2014-212 / PR and N ° 2014-213 / PR of December 24, 2014 ended the FLESH and opened two separate faculties: Faculté des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) (FSHS) and Faculté des Lettres, Langues et Arts (Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Arts) (FLLA).

FSHS, hosted by Bloc Polyvalent located at northern Campus, comprises five (5) departments:

  • Department of Anthropology and African Studies 
  • Department of Geography 
  • Department of History and Archeology 
  • Department of Philosophy 
  • Department of Sociology.

The Faculty has the general objective of providing university training and leading research in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Its specific objectives are to:  

-       train high-level graduates (Licence, Master’s, Doctorate), in the fields of anthropology and African studies, sociology, geography, philosophy, history and archeology ;

-       train professionals, graduates (Professional Licence degree, Professional Master’s degree) who will be able to easily integrate public and private administrations, and who can work in economic, social, national and international developmental organizations ;

-       do research in order to contribute to the improvement of theories about man, society, social changes and major social challenges ;

-       conduct applied research and provide expertise in social, solidarity, ethical, cultural and sustainable development; and in the field of inclusive democracy, decentralization and culture of peace. 

The administration of the faculty is as follows: the Faculty and Staff team, which includes the Dean, the 1st Deputy Dean, the 2nd Deputy Dean; the main secretariat; the Faculty Assembly; The Heads of departments; the deputy heads of department; Department committees; The head of the exams department; the Head of the doctoral programs; the Head of the Support and Training Service for Students with Disabilities (SAFESH).

Dean and Deputy Deans

The Dean and deputy Deans of FSHS are:

Heads of Departments

  • Mrs. Salamatou Bilabena, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and African Studies
  • Mrs. Kossiwa Zinsou-Klassou, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Dr. Komlan Etou, Associate Professor, History and Archeology 
  • Dr. Komi Kouvon, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Professor Essè A. Amouzou, Sociology.

Pedagogical Structure

The pedagogical structures of the FSHS are:

  • the domain manager,
  • the Pedagogical Information Units (CIP),
  • Directors of levels (Licence, Master’s, Doctorate).

Ø  Licence Level

The FSHS trains in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Currently, five courses are offered in the following areas:

  • Licence degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Course: Anthropology
  • Licence degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Course: Geography
  • Licence degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Course: History
  • Licence degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Course: Philosophy
  • Licence degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Course: Sociology.

Ø  Master’s Level

The FSHS organizes Master’s degrees for research and trains graduates in anthropology, geography, urban studies, climate change, history and archeology, philosophy and sociology.

Ø  Doctorate Level

The doctoral training at FSHS is as follows:

  • a multidisciplinary doctoral training designed to train doctors in philosophy, sociology, history and archeology, geography and anthropology ;
  • Doctoral training on Society, Environment, and Planning.

However, in line with the project to open doctoral schools, these doctoral programs will be organized within the Doctoral School “Man, Society, Development.”


Ø  Licence: can serve as a guide in a field survey, an office clerk in administration, an agent to consultancy firms and NGOs, a social worker, a museum guide, a tour guide, a group animation specialist.

Ø  Master’s: research and teaching assistant, research assistant, responsible or assistant of studies and evaluations, responsible or assistant of archiving and documentation, supervisor of surveys, trainer or assistant in training about field methodology, graduate position in administration, in education, culture, development, territorial administration, environment, etc.

Ø  Doctorate: teacher and researcher, director of studies, monitoring and evaluations, project designer, survey supervisor, trainer in the field of methodology, project manager in international organizations, mediator in the resolution of conflicts, expert in social and infrastructure projects, project manager in the administration, in education, culture, development, health, territorial administration, environment, etc.


Ø  Licence: can serve as: a middle school teacher (CEG), a senior manager involved in the management of cities and decentralized local territories, a territorial Management and Planning, a Tourism, Transport and Trade Officer; a Specialist in the framework of public, Para public and private bodies in charge of environmental management, a manager of NGOs in specialized research offices, a specialist in charge of studies, missions and project managers in various geographical areas.

Ø  Master’s:  Teacher in high school, specialist in diagnosis and environmental management (soil, coast, climate, vegetation, waste), specialist in development and risk management projects; in charge of mission in administration (public or private); in charge of rural and urban development projects, etc.

Ø  Doctorate : Teacher and researcher, researcher in scientific research and development projects, consultant in the management of rural, urban, forest, coastal and other areas.


Ø  Licence: Middle school (CEG) teacher, tour guide, data collector in history and archeology.

Ø  Master’s: High School teacher, research assistant, teaching assistant, cultural promoter, mission manager in embassies, wealth management specialist, economic and social administrator, education and health specialist.

Ø  Doctorate: Teacher and researcher, consultant in history, cultural heritage management, etc.


Ø  Licence: Assistant in the book editing, publishing, heritage and cultural fields, technical assistant of ministries, NGOs and services of humanitarian actions and protection of human rights, assistant of environmental policy and sustainable development.

Ø  Master’s : Teacher in high school, teaching and research assistant in academic institutions, research teams and research centers, technical adviser in public and private services and in national and international organizations, policy and development consultant.

Ø  Doctorate Teacher and researcher, researcher in public or private research institutions, Consultant and advisor in public and private services and institutions.


Ø  Licence: Project implementation specialist, Technical Assistant, Social Communication Assistant, Data Collection Officer.

Ø  Master’s: Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Local Government Officer, Social Services Officer, Survey specialist and employee of Institutions in charge of the organization and supervision of Elections, Designer of Development Projects, Manager of Sociological Studies firms, Socio-economic and Demographic Data Collector, Social Project Manager, Manager of NGOs, Monitoring-Evaluation and Capitalization Officer.

Ø  Doctorate: Teacher and researcher, Expert consultant.

FSHS partners with these university institutions:  

  • L’Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), (2013, 2016),
  • L’Université Stefan Cel Mare (2013).
  • L’Université de Bretagne Occidentale (2012),
  • L’Aix-Marseille Université (2012),
  • L’Université de Paris Diderot -Paris 7- (2011),
  • L’Université de Toulouse 2 le Mirail (2014).

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Tél. (228) 22 25 83 97

E-mail of the faculty: fshs.ul@gmail.com

Website: http://www.univ-lome.tg/index.php/formations-4/itemlist/category/13-fshs