School Higher Education Institute of Food and Biological Techniques


The School Higher Education Institute of Food and Biological Techniques (ESTBA) is an offshoot of the restructured Institute of Health and Biological Sciences of the Université du Bénin, created by decree emanating from the Education Office No. 0015/UB/R/90 of August 23, 1990 and modified by a ministerial decree No. 041/MENRS of May 3, 1996.

From 2008 the Institute adopted a new educational system known as LMD (Bachelor-Master’s-Doctorate) as the other institutes and faculties of Université de Lomé (UL). ESTBA provides three professional degrees in three different fields:

  • Medical Science : Bachelor degree in Biomedical Analysis;
  • Agronomic Science : Bachelor degree in Food Analyses and Control;
  • Science and Technology : Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering.

ESTBA aims at:

  • Assuring  a basic technical and scientific training that will supply research, teaching, and industrial production structures as well as sanitary structures with professional graduates in the following fields : Biological and Medical Analyses (AMB), Environmental and Water Management (GEE), Food Industries (IA) ;
  • Receiving and implementing development research programs in biomedical , environmental, and food-processing areas ;
  • Assuring continuous training, recycling internships or advance classes for laboratory agents (Technicians, Engineers….), teaching, sanitary, industrial, research structures and so on, in its domain of competence;
  • Offer services through research programs, consulting, expertise, laboratory analyses, etc.
  • Assuring the training of producers of processed food for the improvement of technology, health, and nutritional qualities of their products.

For a better functioning, ESTBA is based on a structured organization namely the General Assembly, the Management, the Scientific and Educational Commission, the Budget Commission, the Educational Advisory Board, Departments, and Exams Division. 



Admission to ESTBA is achieved by:

  • Entrance exam for only Togolese candidates who have obtained their high school diploma in science, or lower class civil service technicians;
  • Selection of non-Togolese candidates after studying their files.


ESTBA issues professional degrees in the following domains:

Ø  Medical and Biological Analyses (AMB)

  • Target qualifications
  • Be able to do tests basing on one’s competence;
  • Be able to make analyses related to Medical Biology;
  • Be able to make a frequent upkeep and maintenance of laboratory equipments.
  • Career prospects
  • Medical biology laboratories;
  • Teaching hospitals, regional hospitals, district hospitals;
  • Health centers;
  • Denominational and private laboratories;
  • Universities.

Ø  Food-processing Industries (IAA)

  • Target qualifications
  • Be able to make physicochemical, sensory, and microbiological tests of foodstuffs;
  • Be able to bring an effective support in the field of food hygiene and good production practices.
  • Career prospects
  • (Private, public) food quality control services;
  • Research and development;
  • Food-processing production units.

Ø  Water and Environmental Management (GEE)

  • Target qualifications
  • Be able to carry out characterization of water and waste;
  • Be able to undertake a sustainable management of water and other natural resources;
  • Be able to sensitize the population on sustainable management of water and other natural resources.
  • Career prospects
  • Laboratories, research institutes, industries, NGOs;
  • Departments in charge of water quality, natural resources and pollution;
  • Departments in charge of country and urban hydraulics;

ESTBA is managed by a General director, assisted by a deputy director.




ESTBA works in collaboration with many partners including the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin), the University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (Senegal), the IUT A of the University of Lille 1 (France).

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