The Directorate of Academic Affairs and School Attendance (DAAS) was established following a decree of December 23, 1994 amending the former Directorate for Academic Affairs, Education and Scientific Research (DAASRS), created by Order no. 10 / UB / R / 81 of October 26, 1981. DAAS is located at Campus Sud opposite the Faculty of Science (FDS) and Computer Center (CIC).

DAAS handles matters as

  • - enrollment in courses and examinations;
  • - academic advising for students;
  • - diplomas delivery;
  • - follow-up of lecturers’ registration files on the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES) lists of qualifications;
  • - prospective analyses leading to the creation of new subjects, the development or the elimination of former ones;
  • - all other matters relating to academic problems and education.

DAAS is headed by a Director assisted by a Deputy Director.

It has five (5) departments:

Ø  Information and Academic Counseling Department (DIO)
It is responsible for:

  • providing students with all necessary information;
  • counseling freshmen in the choice of their subjects;
  • Putting students onto a different course

Ø  Education Department (DISCO)

It is in charge of:

  • - enrollment of students at all levels: Licence, Master and Doctorat, DES/Medicine;
  • - management registration invalidations;
  • - management of registration fee repayment files;
  • - issuance of accreditation and registration certificates;
  • - manufacturing and treatment of student cards.

Ø  Master’s and Doctorate Department (DMD)

DMD is in charge of controlling the regularity of student enrollments in different Master and PhD courses. To this end, it manages:

  • - registration authorizations;
  • - the management and regularity of the students’ forms with an eye to the defense of Master and Doctorate.

Ø  Academic Affairs Department (DAAC)
This department is responsible for:

  • - the issuance of certificates of accreditation;
  • - the issuance of diplomas;
  • - the authentication of foreign diplomas at Université de Lomé and the transfer of student files to universities that request it;
  • - the academic administration of the career of UL teachers and researchers (preparation of files on the CAMES qualification lists).

Ø  Diploma Accreditation and Certification Department (DAHD)

DAHD is responsible for:

  • - establishing equivalences and accreditation of diplomas from foreign institutions;
  • -  studying requests for a change of course within the University. For this purpose, any application for the certification and accreditation of diplomas, unit of value (UV) or teaching unit (UE), change of course with an eye to enrollment at the Université de Lomé must be submitted to DAAS.

Ø  Examination, Evaluation, and Room Management Department 

This department is responsible for:

  • establishing the timetables for all courses of the Bachelor's degree of the University of Lomé, while respecting the hourly volume in accordance with the requirements of the LMD system;
  • programming examinations and evaluations;
  • recording registration files.

In addition to these five departments, DAAS has two (2) pools:

-       the typing pool, responsible for ensuring the processing of mail, the computerized management of the registrations, the processing and the layout of texts intended for publication.

-       the IT pool which includes the Development Section (software) and the Maintenance Section (hardware).

01 BP : 1515 Lomé 1 – Togo

Telephone: +228 22 25 48 44 / Internal extension : 1901

Email : daas.ul@tg.refer.org

Website: www.univ-lome.tg / daas-ul@univ-lome.tg/