Created by the N° 006/MESR ministerial decision of January 10, 1995, the Direction de l’Information, Relations Extérieures et de la Coopération (DIRECOOP) is a mainstay service of Université de Lomé (UL). It aims at contributing, both at the national and international level, to the blooming and the attractiveness of University of Lomé in the domains of teaching, research, and the valorization of university productions. 

It mainly aims at:

  • the internal and external spreading information related to the university;
  • the definition  of the external policy of the University, in conformance to the orientations of the University Council;   
  • the negotiation and follow-up of interuniversity cooperation agreements  as well as the preparation of agreement files in collaboration with faculties, schools, institutes, and mainstay offices concerned. 

DIRECOOP is managed by the Director assisted by four heads of units

Division Partenariat et Coopération (Partnership and Cooperation Units) (DPC)

Its main duty is to secure the development of cooperation between UL and partner universities or not, in Togo or abroad. It is in charge of:

  • searching for potential partners likely to assist UL in the domains of teaching and research;
  • developing cooperation agreements between UL and its various partners in Togo and abroad.
  • following up the assessment of agreement partnerships of UL. 

Division Accueil et Mobilité (Acceptance and Mobility Unit) (DAM)

The duties of the DAM consist in securing the reception and mobility of students and employees of the University of Lomé. It is in charge of:

  • Providing information of the training opportunities at UL and abroad and scholarship opportunities
  • keeping a record of UL students in the framework of mobility of and make a follow-up in host institutions.  
  • receiving foreign students, provide them with all necessary information for their insertion at University and make a follow-up of their curriculum.
  • informing the lecturers about the partnerships with foreign universities;
  • keeping a record of Togolese lecturers in mobility abroad (teaching missions, study trips, invitations);
  • arrange the mobility of foreign lecturers towards the University of Lomé with the host institutions;
  • receive the lecturers on their arrival at UL and provide all the useful information for their stay and the good process of their mission;   

Division Information, Communication et Relations Publiques (Information, Communication and Public Relations Unit) (DIC)

DIC aims at informing lecturers, students and partners and promote the relationships among the university, the media and the external world.

It is in charge of:

  • - organizing sessions of information in the benefit of students, lecturers and various external partners, in collaboration with the office of Educational institution and mainstay services of UL;
  • - organizing radio-TV programs in order to value the expertise of UL in the various domains of teaching and research;       
  • - managing the publications and website of UL;
  • - write and publish the “Campus Actualité” journal;
  • - organizing the media coverage of events of the University of Lomé (Colloquies, meetings, signing of conventions)

Division Assistance Projet (Project Assistance Section) (DAP)

The DAP is in charge of providing assistance to lecturers, researchers, the administrative, technical, office staff and students with a project in order to allow them to postulate successfully to various project bids. It caters for:

  • The information and assistance in the montage of projects;

Contribute to the project of internationalising of teachings and research.  

DIRECOOP handles more than 80 partnership and cooperation agreements; 40 conventions with European universities, 20 conventions signed with African universities, 6 with American universities and é conventions with Asian universities. DIRECOOP receives and secures, the follow-up of a fifty teaching missions and a dozen of foreign students per year, in average.

In addition to these partnership agreements, DIRECOOP also entertains relationships with the professional and socio-economic worlds namely:  

  • Ministries (Higher Education and Research, Foreign Affairs cooperation and African Integration; Agriculture, Breeding  and Fishing; Communication, Culture, Sports and training);   
  • Embassies and diplomatic representations (USA, France, Germany, China, EU, UNPD, DAAD, SCAC )
  • Professional bodies and socio-economic partners (Togocel, Togo Telecom, Moov, CAFÉ Informatique, Bolloré, ANPE? Délégation Spéciale de Lomé, LCT)
  • NGO and Associations (AIMES AFRIQUE, Plan Togo, ATBEF)
  • Banks (ECOBANK, APBEF, FUCEC…..)

01BP1515 Lomé 01 - TOGO

Tel: +228 22 25 50 94 Internal extension  : 1839       

Email: direcoop_ul@yahoo.fr

Facebook: DIRECOOP Université de Lomé.