The Centre des Œuvres Universitaires de Lomé (COUL) is a central service of the Université de Lomé. It was created by decree No 95/MENR. CAB of August 27, 1999.

Initially called Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires (CNOU), it became Centre des Œuvres Universitaires de Lomé (COUL) in 2004, by decree No 0018/UL/CP/2004 of October 22, 2004.

The mission of the COUL is to:

  • ensure accommodation for students;
  • ensure the good health of the university community;
  • ensure catering for the university community;
  • promote and develop the practice of different sports disciplines, on the one hand, and coordinate the artistic and cultural activities of various clubs and student associations, on the other hand,
  • do the lobbying toward sociocultural institutions, economic operators, and partners of the Université de Lomé for the promotion of the university and any benefit scheme.

COUL is managed by a Director assisted by an Assistant Director.

It has seven (7) departments:

Ø  The Department of Preventive Medicine

Its mission is to ensure the good health of the university community and it is responsible for:

  • carrying out systematic medical tests and the medical visit for freshmen,
  • carrying out medical checkup for the personnel of Université de Lomé,
  • examining and treating the sick,
  • organizing vaccination sessions, screening and health education,
  • managing the pharmacy,
  • issuing medical certificates.

Ø  The Psychosocial Department

The mission of the Psychosocial Department is to help the needy or sick students. It is in charge of:

  • welcoming and monitoring the progress of students who are victims of accidents or diseases,
  • welcoming, listening to, counselling and following up with students who are in difficulty or suffering from psychological unbalance,
  • managing the insertion Project of the needy students of the Université de Lomé (PIEN-UL),
  • offering a specialized follow-up to the students in a situation of handicap.

Ø  The Department of University Sports

The mission of the Department of University Sports is to develop and promote the practice of sports and Olympic disciplines at the Université de Lomé. As such, it is responsible for:

  • managing the sports installations and equipment,
  • favoring the recruiting of coaches for the various disciplines,
  • training and monitoring sport teams of the Université de Lomé,
  • organizing and supervising the university championships,
  • promoting the participation of the university teams in national and international competitions,
  • detecting and increasing the standing of sports talents.

Ø The Department of Complementary Trainings

The Department of Complementary Trainings has the mission to make sure that elective subjects are effective. As such, it is in charge of:

  • welcoming, informing and managing the registration of students about the elective subjects offered by the COUL,
  • managing the applications for training courses submitted to the COUL and organizing their taking place on the one hand, and facilitate the exchanges with other services of the Université de Lomé, on the other hand.

Ø The Department of Accommodation

The Department of Accommodation, as the name indicates it, ensures the accommodation of students in the university hostels.

It sees to the maintenance and availability of the infrastructures in the university hostels.

Ø The Department of Arts and Culture

The Department of Arts and Culture is responsible for promoting, supervising and coordinating the artistic and cultural activities of the various students’ clubs and associations on campus.

This Department monitors the artistic and cultural clubs, particularly in search of financing and counselling support. It is responsible for organizing the cultural days, festivals and other socio-educative activities.

Ø The University Restaurant

The University Restaurant is the main service responsible for ensuring catering for the university community.

It designs and offers menus as well as various services in relation to catering on campus.

Director : Professor Guillaume K. Koffivi Ketoh

Email :

Assistant Director: Professor Aklesso Adji,

 Email :

The Secretary’s Office: Mrs. Djigbodi Adjo GBEDEMAH

Within the framework of its services, COUL has put in place an important network of strategic and operational partnerships related to its various fields of intervention. These partnerships take place in accordance with the needs of COUL’s Departments.

Traditionally, Ecobank, Banque Togolaise pour le Commerce et l’Industrie (BTCI), Togo Cellulaire, Togo Telecom, Fan Milk, Voltic, Nescafé, Brasserie du Benin (BB), Saham Assurances, Nsia, Air West Voyage, Orabank, are partner companies of the COUL; however, depending on the specificities of the services, the institution is in partnership with other institutions

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