University Libraries of Lomé (BU)

Joint Service of Documentation

The Université de Lomé entrusted to the Joint Service of Documentation the management of the University Libraries, the construction, the management of the supply of resources and library sections to support the university community and the Togolese citizens in researches and throughout the studies and to make the academic success easier.

Our goal is to provide innovative and pertinent library services to support the Université de Lomé to be a renowned university at an international level. This will be done by making available excellent resources, services, collections and spaces, and through a collaboration and a partnership focusing on the thorough understanding of users’ needs.

The environment of the higher education continues its rapid pace of change with the new technologies, the pedagogies and the financial uncertainty that disrupt and put into question the traditional methods of scholarly performance. Moreover, the changing nature of the provision of information presents both possibilities and challenges for the university libraries in general. It is more important than ever that our Service actively commits itself to think of its role in the digital era and of the way it provides services to the university community. 

The University Library has been created at the same time as the Université du Bénin in 1970 by the decree N° 70-156/PR and was placed directly under the authority of the President. A Library of Law and Humanities, one of sciences, and another of Medicine were installed in the building of different schools and at CHU Tokoin. The current building could be only built in 1987 in an area of 18,00 square meters. Thus, the different collections of the libraries of the Faculties, Schools and Institutes have been rallied, except the three libraries which, respectively remained in their schools. These are that of the mixed faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at CHU-Tokin, that of ESA and that of the INSE. It must be noted that no regulation text has been taken to create this institution and assign it missions and specific goals nor in its organization. Only a text creating an Advisory Council has been taken on April 16, 1991 by the decree N° 005/UB/R/91 with the mission of formulating the suggestions for all the questions with which the organization of the University Library is concerned, its rational management at the benefice of the university collectivity. 

The Joint Service of Documentation of the Université de Lomé federates around the central library (the BU), the libraries and centers of documentation of faculties and schools of the UL (constitutive libraries), which serve all the university community and all the subjects taught at the Université de Lomé.

The BU, they are the areas of work and life deployed on the campus of the Université de Lomé. You will see documents in all areas of knowledge, under a printed form or online (books, dissertations, reviews, magazines, specialized database…), as well as many services for the success of studies (lending documents, work rooms…) and cultural activities organized throughout the year for pleasure and discovery (exhibitions, conferences, theater at American corner…)

Available to students, teachers, researchers, personnel as well as people outside the University, the Service acquires and makes available a documentation at the destination of the students of the UL that cover all the subject fields of the Université de Lomé.

Indispensable allies to the training as well as the research, the university libraries, apart from being an area devoted to the acquisition of knowledge, are also places of culture, integration and sociability. 

The Service pursues a service model toward the users that easily reflects through its mission and vision.


The BU strengthens and improves teaching and research at the Université de Lomé. It favors the intellectual growth and the creativity in:

  • developing collections,
  • facilitating the access to information resources,
  • teaching the efficient use of information resources and competences of critical evaluation and
  • offering help to the research.  

The BU thus provides quality resources and innovating services to encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity and to facilitate the learning throughout life and research in communities that we serve.


The BU commit themselves to learning and discovery as essential participants of the university community. Thus, they aim to:

  • develop, organize, provide access and preserve the tools to meet the needs of the present and future generations of students and researchers.
  • explore and implement technologies and innovating services to provide information and scientific resources to users at all moment and all place.
  • also provide physical spaces properly equipped and functional where students can pursue independent learning and discovery outside class room.
  • support knowledge and productivity as regards research and favor their vitality. 

Two internal regulations regarding respectively the admission to university libraries and the loans to the house are pasted for a better use of the service. 

Switchboard: Tel.: +228 22 25 48 43

Director: Komla M. Avono, kavono@univ-lome.tg

Deputy Director : Hongma E. Merat, hmerat@univ-lome.tg

Chief Secretary: Akouvi Wolou, awolou@univ-lome.tg

Accountant: Afi Amenke : aamenke@univ-lome.tg

Heads of divisions

  1. FLLA and FSHS : Kokou M. Gbadoe, kgbadoe@univ-lome.tg / mjgbadoe12@yahoo.fr
  2. FDD : Ayaovi B. Salako, asalako@univ-lome.tg
  3. FDS : Atsu E. Odzukpa, aodzukpa@univ-lome.tg
  4. FASEG: Esstina Awati, cawati@yahoo.fr
  5. FSS: Kinviti Hounkali, khounkali@univ-lome.tg
  6. ESA: Adjo A. Lavon, alavon@univ-lome.tg

INSE : Motodoba Wobedigna, mwobedigna@univ-lome.tg

  • The LONATO
  • The World Bank
  • The French Institute
  • The Embassy of the United States