Bld Gnassingbé Eyadema

01 BP 1515 Lomé 01-TOGO

Telephone: (228) 22 21 35 00 (Presidency switchboard)

(228) 22 21 30 27 (Presidency switchboard)

(228) 22 25 50 93 (Campus switchboard)

(228) 22 25 50 94 (Campus switchboard)

Fax: (228) 22 2185 95


Dodzi Komla Kokoroko, President

Holder of the agrégation of law faculties
Full Professor of Public Law and Political Science

Date of appointment: May 11, 2016
The President of the University presides over the University, its educational, administrative, and technical departments. He presides over the University Council. He authorizes expenditure and he administers the patrimony of the University. He is the guarantor of the university franchises and delivers under the seal of the University the degrees and diplomas according to the proposals of the faculties and higher education institutes.

The President’s Office

  • President’s Secretary

Mrs. Sophie Adakou Alemdjrodo

Tel: 22 20 46 73 / email:

  • Services attached to the President’s Office

1. The Financial Service of the Authorizing Officer

2. The fleet of the cars

3. The Protocol Unit

The Management Team

  • President: Professor Dodzi Komla Kokoroko
  • 1st Vice-President: Professor Komlan Batawila

The 1st Vice-President is responsible for academic affairs. Under the authority of the President, he ensures the coordination of the faculties, schools, institutes and five central services of the university (BU, CRIQ, DAAS, DR, and DGA).

  • 2nd Vice-President: Mrs. Kafui Kpegba, Associate Professor

The 2nd Vice-President is responsible, as far as he is concerned, for the administration of university life. She coordinates the following central services: DIRECOOP, DPSRMT, HRD, DPP, COUL, and DGDU.

Other Services

* The Registrar’s Office

The Registrar assists the President and Vice-President in the management and administration of the University. Under the authority of the President, he coordinates the activities of the services and offices of the Presidency.

* The Account’s Office

The account is the chief accounting officer of the university. He is responsible, under its own responsibility, for the collection of receipts and the payment of expenditure.