Our assets

Offer Multidisciplinary Training
In order to anticipate future changes, the University de Lomé offers its students a multidisciplinary and diverse, attractive and coherent training allowing them to adapt themselves to the constantly changing context of higher education.

Enable All Students to Succeed
Our leitmotiv motivation, the success of the greatest number of students ... For us, each training must lead the student on the road to success, within the framework of their professional and personal project. The supervision, the improved pedagogical quality and the accompaniment of the students throughout their studies reinforced, whatever the types of course or disciplinary fields, the University de Lomé makes every effort to help them succeed.

Support Students in Academic Achievements
At UL, students can build varied backgrounds, adapted to the evolution of their personal and professional projects thanks to the multidisciplinary of our training, not to mention the links between courses that are facilitated. They are also accompanied by specialists in integration and vocational guidance throughout their studies in order to optimize the management of their curriculum and promote their integration into the labor market.

Pedagogy and Innovation: A Foundation
In addition to the efficient transmission of knowledge, UL intends to be a stepping stone for the development of the skills and competences of its students. This is reflected in improved training provision and courses, systematic evaluation of teaching, support and training of teaching staff in terms of pedagogy, innovation in teaching, and research in pedagogy. Responding to these challenges related to the evolution of teaching practices is at the heart of UL’s concerns, which puts in place a vision centered on pedagogy and innovation.

A Progressive University
Resolutely turned toward modernism, UL strives to provide anyone with the tools and means to mature its reflection on the environment around us, to take part in the active life of society by expressing, taking into account of current and future issues, and a guarantee of citizenship.
Our innovative organization thus responds to a genuine desire for subsidiarity and proximity, guaranteeing collegiality and democracy at all levels of the institution.

UL is thus the guarantor of the respect of the individuals and the democratic principles which are the basis of its action.

An Open University
UL remains committed to intellectual and cultural values, open-mindedness.

A Strong and Active Set of Allies

UL pursues a policy of expansion that is based on effective partnerships with other X institutions, and with research organizations.
At the educational level, the training courses of UL have adapted to the needs of the socio-economic field. The range of curricula, professional or general, now includes mandatory internships, scholarships abroad, in all fields. Personalized accompanying measures in partnership with companies, training courses, and other initiatives to raise awareness of entrepreneurship promote the professional integration of all UL students.
This policy of openness is also reflected in the university's commitment to the economic and social development of the country through its various partnerships and a structured and strategic relationship with local and regional authorities.

An Openness to the World
The globalization process and the projects carried out in collaboration with major foreign universities also contribute to the full opening of UL to the world and enable it to maintain its position on the African and international scene.

A Learning Environment

UL essentially responds to the missions of production and diffusion of knowledge, it does not fail to animate the life of the city. In an exceptional territory, UL offers its community a high quality environment dedicated to study.

A Great and Dynamic Campus Life
UL is not limited to the doors of the classrooms! Numerous cultural, associative and sports activities are offered to students and staff through numerous and dynamic student associations and other actions coordinated by the direction of university life

From a cultural point of view, UL undertakes and supports initiatives at national and African level that will integrate the enhancement of heritage and university collections.
A sound spirit in a healthy body. UL encourages one of the best integrations of physical activities in studies. Access for all to sports is facilitated by a multitude of integrated sports within each establishment.

With its development project that aims to renovate the campuses and create real living spaces while optimizing the real estate heritage helps to make UL very attractive. The quality and modernity of the programs implemented ensure unity and functionality while respecting the characteristics of each site.